Want to ride 100 miles?

We are nine weeks away from the North Derbyshire Challenge Sportive and we hope your training is going to plan. With the weather on our side for the past two months, it has certainly been easier getting out on the bike to get the miles in. To give some of you a little helping hand with the last few weeks, we've put together a simple training plan for you to follow.

We are not looking at heart rate or Watts or anything complicated. Keep it simple - just get out on your bike and get the miles done. For your weekday rides its best to have a couple of circular routes in your mind with an option to extend or even do laps if you’re feeling good or the sun is out !! In these last few weeks, make sure you do get some hill training in, our longer routes do have a few challenging climbs thrown in. In training, try riding the hills seated and next time try riding them standing on the pedals.

So when do we train?

Well the real answer is how much time have you got spare to ride your bike?

We suggest a couple of short rides in the week with at least a day in-between. And then a progressively longer ride at the weekend.

The table below is a rough guide to help you, but it obviously has to be realistic and fit in with your personal commitments

Tuesday rides should be a gentle pace to spin your legs out after your weekend ride. Thursday rides should be a timed effort on the same loop so you can measure your progress Weekend rides are aimed at increasing your endurance but your body needs to recover to grow stronger and ideally every 4th week needs to be an “easier” week.

All distances are in miles

We'll be focusing on our hills in the next few weeks with elevation profiles and stats so keep an eye on our website and on social media. We hope you enjoy the summer, stay safe while riding and will see you on the start line in September!


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