Swim-Run Training Evenings

We finally got to hold our Swim-Run training sessions on the 22nd and 24th May at Harthill Reservoir near Rotherham and The Lavender Patch at Hall Croft Farm in Hilton, Derbyshire. We were extremely lucky to get two such beautiful evenings in terms of weather and water temperature! Both evenings were full of fun, laughter, camaraderie with a bit of hard work thrown in.

Nicky Dick was our coach on both evenings - a highly experienced swim-runner who has competed in races across the Scottish Lochs so was more than qualified to provide detailed info on the kit, tips and the training needed to compete in such an event.

Both evenings were planned so that our teams got a comprehensive briefing and demonstration on appropriate kit to wear (and not to wear!), practice entering/exiting the lakes in pairs and importantly, swimming while tethered together by bungee rope - an art in itself which some found hard to get used to, but after a few kicks in the face, the rope was lengthened and everything turned out alright in the end :)

The three issues common to both sessions were:

1. Threading your laces through the pull buoy the correct way so that the ends didn't rub when you swam or get in the way when you ran.

2. Working out how to swim so that arms/shoulders didn't get tangled in the bungee rope and how to swim in tandem with each other especially if one was a much better swimmer than the other.

3. How to fight dizziness coming out of the water and going straight into the run.

Once the practice swim session finished it was time to put everything together for an informal race. After an initial course and safety briefing, our athletes were more than ready to get going. At Harthill the overall distance raced was approx 5km and at Lavender Patch the overall distance was approx 7.5km; this gave our athletes plenty of food for thought and gave them a good idea of what lies ahead in the Swim-Run races they have entered this summer.

Nicky and I would like to thank Yorkshire Outdoor Swimmers for hosting our training evening at Harthill Reservoir. For more information on how to join YOS please click HERE to visit their website. We would also like to thank Ashbourne Triathlon Club for allowing us to gatecrash their training session at the Lavender Patch. To find out how you can join them at the Lavender Patch on Thursday evenings, please click HERE.

Lastly we will be holding our own entry level Swim-Run race at Staunton Harold, near Ashby de la Zouch, on Sunday 30th September. For more information on the course and how to enter, visit our Staunton Harold webpage.


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