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Over the past couple of years we have been in regular contact with Matt from Sportive HQ, initially about our entry system, RiderHQ, but more recently we've been talking more and more about cycling, sportives and what makes a great event. In an industry where there seems to be quantity rather than quality, it has been great to find someone with a similar view to what a good event looks like and what our cyclists expect from their entry fee.

We are really pleased that in 2019 we are working with Sportive HQ in an effort to provide a wider range of quality cycling opportunities around the Midlands and Yorkshire where you are guaranteed quality routes, excellent support, fantastic atmosphere, plenty of food and most importantly, value for money.

While we concentrate our efforts on our two flagship Cycle Derby Sportives, Sportive HQ are offering eight events - six established and two new, with dates throughout the year. They will also be our timing partners for the Spring Classic and the North Derbyshire Challenge in April and September!

To find out more about Sportive HQ just click HERE.

We look forward to seeing you in 2019!

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