How cold is too cold?

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

Harthill Reservoir

Our Swim-Run training day is fast approaching and we will be going out to test the water and the routes this week. HUUB have also kindly given us a demo Swim-Run wetsuit to practice in - but I've delegated that job!

So how cold is too cold?

Our friends at Yorkshire Outdoor Swimmers are hardcore and will go out in any weather and temperature. In fact, when we met them last, one of their swimmers had just completed the Ice Mile - unassisted swim in waters of under 5 degrees in swimming costume, goggles and swim cap. No thank you.

We have heard on the grapevine that Harthill is currently 9 degrees; Lavender Patch is pretty similar but at least we have three weeks for it to warm up a bit. Normal BTF rules apply in that anything less than 11 degrees is not suitable to swim in (YOS may disagree!) however we are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather takes a turn for the better and we will be ready to go for May 6th.

For those who have already registered for the training days we have opened a Facebook discussion group where people can ask questions and have them answered by our experts.

Looking forward to seeing everyone by the lake on May 6th.



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