FAQs - COVID-19 - Cancellation of Cycle Derby Sportive 2020

1. Why have you cancelled and not postponed?

We have strongly been recommended by all stakeholders in line with the government's advice to not run the event during April 2020.  An option would be to postpone the race until the end of the year ie. September / October.   Given that many other races are postponed to that time period, we feel it is unfair to athletes and existing races already scheduled for that time period to rearrange it for that for then.

2.  What happens if I don't do anything?

You will be automatically entered into the Cycle Derby Sportive in April 2021.  Exact date to be confirmed.

3. Alternative option:-

PMA Racing will provide a voucher equivalent to the value of your purchase for any other races that we organise during 2020 and 2021. Please email events@pma-racing.co.uk with your race option and we will email you with an event discount code.  Once the date for the Sportive is confirmed in 2021, you can choose this race.

4. Can I have my money back?

Due to incurring significant costs, and the unprecedented times that we find ourselves in, this cancellation is outside of our control and a suitable alternative has been offered. A refund is not available.

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