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Where would we be without our volunteers?

Over the past few years we have met so many wonderful people who have become good friends, and who have supported our events when they can - without them our events would not be able to happen.

We are always on the lookout for people to encourage our athletes, make sure they are going in the right direction and contribute to the smooth running of the event.

We would love your support so if you think you could contribute in any way then please get in touch by completing the short form below so that we can get in touch with you.  Whether it’s one event or all of them, every person counts!

At each event you will be equipped with event instructions hi -  vis jacket, something to eat and drink as well as a freebie from the event whether it’s a Tshirt, medal or goody bag. 

If you volunteer at our events you will gain free entry into another event of your choice. This can be transferred to a friend or family member where possible.

We would very much welcome your support and if you can also please encourage as many of your friends, family & work colleagues to join in too. If you’d like to volunteer as a group then we’ll do our best to make this happen.

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Ready to volunteer? Just send us a message...

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